No62-AUGSEPT-cover-smWe shouldn’t moan of course, but recent polls show that if the British don’t moan about the weather, rates of spontaneous combustion double. And we don’t want any more of this in our cracking town, do we?

I could bang on again about the never-ending roadworks but… it really does seem like we’re ‘blessed’ with them forever now. Our grandchildren will eventually tell stories of when the town wasn’t being ripped apart and roads closed, when works didn’t go on through the night without warning, and we’re being sent around the houses in a kind of Kafkaesque Castle situation.

This month I’ve been a wandering along our magnificent towpath, as I am oft’ inclined to do (what magic leads my legs there day after day?) and have met some more fine folk. We’re now hitting the summer holidays so the canal is awash with visitors sampling our local delights. Let’s just try not to get grumpy when they stop suddenly on the town bridge and nearly throw us under an on-coming bus.

We’ve been working our socks off to bring you another corker of an issue (we aim to please, dear reader) with all the normal favourites. Find out what enticing events are coming up locally with What’s On (p6) plus new events from Trowbridge Arts (p10) and Wiltshire Music Centre (p12). In this edition BoA Museum educates us on the Moulton bicycle and don’t forget to read my own words of wisdom in Slice of Life.

Those with eagle eyes will have spotted that there is now a Wednesday market in Lamb’s Yard, organised by the ever-resourceful Dotty the Cake Lady. Head down there to see what excellent products and delectable treats are on offer.

The deadline for What’s On and editorial for our next issue, October/ November, is 7 September but with lots of excellent autumnal events going on locally, ensure you get your news and events in early please folks.

That just leaves us to thank you for reading, dear reader.


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