Clare-MacnaughtonI am so excited to be managing editor of the Warminster edition of A Local Life magazine.
As an area, Warminster is blessed with fabulous countryside, interesting attractions, great food establishments and a strong, connected business community. In these early days of A Local Life‘s Warminster edition, we look forward to delving deeper into this fertile area and showcasing what’s on offer.
As with the original Bradford On Avon edition of A Local Life, the aim is always to deliver an exciting issue jam-packed with news, events and articles that are relevant to you and your environs. It is this essence that distinguishes A Local Life from other local magazines. It is written specifically with the community it is working with, and supporting, in mind.
Having grown up in Warminster, I returned here in 2011. I love living once again in the majestic Kingdom of Wessex. Warminster lent me a fantastic childhood, filled with fresh air, freedom and adventure and I now want my own children to benefit from this superb offering. There is so much to discover and share right on our doorstep, and I am particularly looking forward to re-acquainting myself with the local community and unearthing the local treasures. Growing up in Warminster, I took for granted the creative, cultural, historical, rural uniqueness that we are so lucky to experience around us. Even having travelled the world, I now realise there is so much I gleaned from my youth here that I am very excited about enriching my rapidly advancing middle age by reconnecting once again with this glorious town and the surrounding villages.
We would love to hear from you if you have any feature ideas for the magazine, so please email us at
Kind regards,

Clare Macnaughton,
Warminster Editor

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